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The contestants were given their first brief: To design the guest bedroom.
Enter Alt Tag Here A guest bedroom should be a place where your friends or family, can relax and feel at home. Guests should comfortably be able to stay over after a great night at your place, so the guest bedroom should always be in tip top shape.

Mark Rielly from ARRCC, gave the following brief to the contestants: The guest bedroom is one of the smaller rooms in the apartment. It needs to be a generous room to make the guests feel special. Contestants can decide if they want to make accommodate one or two guests. The judges are specifically looking for a headboard that can wow them, something out of the box. They will have to use design techniques that can make the space seem bigger. The finished room should be perfectly styled and personalised as if the guests are arriving soon!

Not an easy task! The judges will each be looking for very specific elements. Simon Bray, CEO from Private Property said he will take into consideration whether the room adds value to the property and the marketability of the apartment. Anne Roselt, the Global Colour Manager from Plascon will use her expertise to judge the room’s colour scheme, the textures incorporated into the room and overall creativity. Mark Rielly from ARRCC will look at the execution of how the designers put everything together, the finished product as a whole.

“Colours will play a big role,” says Anne Roselt.

“The contestants will have to think about inviting colours, not too bold but be creative. We want to see you create something inspirational that will be a pleasure for us to judge.”

In a nutshell, the contestants shouldn’t play it safe, but push the boundaries of what guest bedrooms usually look like.

“Let the room reflect your personality and where you live, that’s why the guests are coming to visit you! Make them feel at home, don’t make it a dumping or storage space that you hastily get ready if someone is staying over. Try softer shades of white and neutral colours with metallic.”

The best tip from Anne? “Don’t underestimate the quality of the paint you want to use, get a coating with that luxurious look and feel.”

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