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The judges give their scores for each contestant's guest bedroom.

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The contestants were exhausted trying to get their guest bedrooms done in time and hopefully impress the judges with their design. Rudolph, Minenhle and Juané were anxious to hear what the judges had to say.

Private Property's CEO, Simon Bray said they hope to give the contestants good feedback so they can have a clear sense of direction for the following challenges. Here's what the judges, Simon, Anne Roselt from Plascon and Mark Rielly from ARRCC, had to say.

Minenhle, Team ELLE Decoration

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Mark: Clean, clear approach. Beautiful sense of colour. Came up short in brief by not having an out of the box approach for the headboard. Mirror cupboard doors are great to create a sense of space. The placement of the chair and plant mad eit difficult to move around in the room. Arranging of chair and plant made moving around in the room a bit difficult. Score: 7

Simon: Looking at the apartment's marketability, all three rooms were incredibly well staged. When it comes to the value added to the room, more fixtures are needed. Furniture tends to leave with the owner and can bring down the value if nothing is left in the room. Lacked something like bedside tables. Score: 6.5

Anne: Really thought about guests by using a queen size bed. The four poster bed made you look up and created space. Loved the feature wall and colours of Val de Vie brought into the room. Loved the spirit and character and African influence, something that should be carried forward to the rest of the apartment. Score: 6.5

Rudolph, Team Real Estate Magazine

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Mark: Ticked all the boxes and definitely leading out front with the guest bedroom. It's obvious he's a gracious host, even providing the guest with slippers. Ticked the box for the headboard, using the Caesarstone with the leather was really creative. Liked the open dressing unit, creating more space. Score: 9.1

Simon: The positioning of the bed and mirror creates nice space in the room. The flooring adds lot of value and marketability. Bringing in the desk was good, but all contestants seemed to miss the opportunity of creating storage space since it's the only spare room in the house. Score: 8

Anne: Loved the use of textures, leather with the marble and sheer curtains. Wallpaper brought in space, but the room had a very masculine feel and should've had more feminine touches to be suitable for all guests. For the amount of money spent, the room lacked soul and spirit. It was too corporate, could have made it more personal and it didn't reflect Val de Vie. Score: 5.5

Juané, Team VISI

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Mark: Creative, but it was too minimal. Score: 8.1

Simon: The blinds for the window in the bedroom was great, no one else had that. Score: 7

Anne: Loved the headboard and the colour, it blended beautifully and made the room bright and feel big. However the room was too matching, wanted more, something that jumps out at you with colour and creativity. It also need to reflect Val de Vie more. Score: 5

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