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The judges were impressed with the finished master bedrooms and it was a tight scoring affair.

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After another two weeks of hard grinding, the contestants have finished their master bedrooms and the judges were quite impressed with all three designers’ finished rooms.

Judges Anne Roselt, Global Colour Manager from Plascon, Simon Bray, Private Property CEO and ARRCC interior designer John Case definitely had a tough task in choosing a winner for this challenge. Here are their scores and comments for each designer.

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John: "There's a few things I liked, the dressing room was a big win for me. The mirror doors gave the room that big feel. You went bold with colour, it was a little risky but you pulled it off. The four poster bed was too similar. I didn’t like the bedside table, it was a bit flimsy for my linking." Score: 7/10

Simon: "I really liked your wardrobe, it added that luxurious feel. There was great use of colour and the curtains added some lovely texture to the room. I do feel that the bed could have been sturdier." Score: 7.5/10

Anne: You took a risk with the feature wall, but it turned out fantastic, I absolutely loved it. It made such a statement. I loved the use of colour and textures in curtains and leather elements in the room. The only negatives were the bed colour, I feel you could've used a warmer colour or natural wood. Score: 8/10

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John: I loved your attention to detail, from the wardrobe to the paneling behind the bed. It gave the room a sense of grandeur and the colour palettes worked really well. Score: 7.5/10

Simon: The expectations were high after you won the previous two challenges. I liked the room, there was excellent use of colour and texture. I loved the James Mudge desk. The biggest concern was the open wardrobe. It is quite trendy, but might be a problem with messy cupboards and not sure if it would work with moisture coming from the bathroom. Score: 6.5/10

Anne: I loved the handmade items in your room, and I also loved the open wardrobe. It added a lovely flow from the room through to the bathroom. Score: 7.5/10

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John: The minimalist trends tied in with the bathroom. The room had a nice calm, fresh feel that worked well thanks to the wood colours. The only downside was that luxury feeling is missing. The bedroom cupboard is on trend, and had that edgy and city feel but it lacks that luxurious feel that you want at Val de Vie Estate. Score: 6.5/10

Simon: The permanent fixture of the shelf above the bed was great. Unfortunately the wardrobe let you down. I enjoyed the full length standing mirror. Bringing the colour of the window frames into your roof was a really good move. Score: 7.5/10

Anne: You designed a minimalist room that wasn’t boring and I absolutely loved it. Your spatial planning was very clever, all the items you had in there added so much personality. I loved that you added more natural colours. Score: 7/10

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