Win A Home Season 3 EP48: Kitchen innovations & our home of the week

Private Property South Africa
Win a Home

We preview a multi-million rand home on Private Property and see what great innovations Woodlab and GRASS have available for our contestants to use.

First up, Domenic Curko from Woodlab joins Jeannie on the couch. When it comes to bespoke wooden kitchens, cabinetry, staircases, flooring, and decks, Woodlab is standing in front of the line with their outstanding craftsmanship. They were also responsible for creating and installing our very own Afternoon Express kitchen, and have also been involved with Win a Home. Domenic is on the couch to tell us all about the latest from Woodlab.

Next up, we preview what incredible innovations GRASS has made available for luxurious yet practical kitchens.

Last, but not least, Jawitz Properties Property Consultants Charne Shipper and Ingrid Hoaten discuss a gorgeous home with us, now showing on Private Property.

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