Abbotts College Claremont – Your Future, Our Passion

Abbotts College Claremont – Your Future, Our Passion

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Abbotts College Claremont is a centrally-located, unique, visionary school geared towards supporting students towards academic eminence.

Abbotts College has built itself a solid reputation for the proficient education of students from Grades 10 to 12. These years are pivotal to the future success of every student that passes through the Abbotts College system, and the school has come up with a structure that endows them with skills that give them undeniable leverage in tertiary institutions and professional undertakings.

The daily running of the school is centred around the individual potential of each student. In addition to this, the school has an understanding of the youth that come to them for their education and, as such, are able to monitor and support them in their individuality in academics, social, sporting and cultural activities. Learning is interactive, and a carefully-selected student body together with deeply committed and highly-qualified teachers successfully work together to ensure that optimal results are obtained and the best is derived of every school day. Upon entrance to the school, focus is placed on ensuring a thorough grasp of the basics in each subject, giving them the confidence and aptitude to excel.

The school has exceptional facilities for its students to obtain the most in all academic areas. This includes two computer laboratories and centres catering for Science, Art and Design. Top teachers oversee small classes, which guarantee premium instruction and individual attention. Furthermore, Abbotts College offers a timetable of extra lessons and clinics, as well as providing for teachers to be on call after school hours to assist students. A personal mentor is also appointed to each student. The College provides consistent feedback to parents through regular report cards and parent evenings.

The superior academic results at Abbotts College, Claremont, have culminated in a number of leading tertiary institutions guaranteeing acceptance to students that hail from the school. A strong work ethic is developed and exam preparation and study techniques are instilled that students need to excel beyond the school walls. The wide variety of subject choices on offer at the school gives students the opportunity to study the subjects in their field of interest. This, together with comprehensive career guidance, life skills programmes and a number of seminars and excursions, give students the best opportunities to make an informed choice on the avenues open to them.

Extra-mural activities are viewed as important in maintaining balance in the lives of the students. Supervised homework after school is followed by a stimulating assortment of activities. These activities range from sporting and cultural to social, and are made available upon consultation between students and management. Many of these enhance the academic life of the school and are a fun, practical extension of the curriculum. It also provides fantastic opportunities to get involved in social responsibility initiatives and for students to showcase their talents.

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