Add the wow factor to your home for sale

Add the wow factor to your home for sale

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Wondering how your home can leave a lasting impression on potential buyers? Consider these effective home staging tips to seal the deal when selling your home.

First impressions count, which is why you should consider the following measures to ensure your home for sale is well presented to interested home buyers.

Does your home have curb appeal?

Does the front of your home look loved and well maintained? Creating a good first impression for viewers is essential. First impressions count and are usually formed within 30 seconds.

Take an objective look at the outside of your property and consider what can be done to make it more inviting to potential buyers. Buyers don’t only look for an attractive exterior, but evidence that the property is also well maintained.

An indication that a home for sale may require a large amount of fixing can put buyers off from wanting to purchase the property.

Consider freshening up the paintwork, mend any leaking gutters, replace tarnished items and liven up your home’s entrance with some colourful flower pots.

Beautifully well maintained front entrance of home

Cut the clutter

Decluttering your home can be a tiring process but it will help in preparation for your moving day.

An uncluttered room is more appealing to viewers and gives the impression of a larger space.

Removing clutter helps to enable potential buyers to visualise themselves living in the property.

It’s also important to consider the “less is more” approach when it comes to ornaments and personal objects.

If people don’t share the same taste as you, they may subconsciously be influenced, which is why it’s essential to keep the décor simple around the house.

A chance to shine

Making sure that your property is clean throughout is critical for successful viewings.

Not only will this immediately make it more attractive, but it will also reassure prospective buyers that it has been well maintained in other respects.

Pay special attention to rooms like the bathroom and kitchen, which are areas that are generally scrutinised the most.

Sparkling taps and stain free tiles and grout can help to present a home that looks clean and fresh.

Shining a kitchen counter with yellow cleaning gloves and a blue cloth

The smell of success

Visual signs are not the only important factors when making a lasting impression on potential buyers.

The smell of your home can have a significant impact on your chance of a sale.

Pet, tobacco and shoe odours are the most common smells that can be problematic.

It is essential to make sure the property is clean and free from odours.

Consider the use of fresh flowers or lightly scented candles around the house to eliminate any unpleasant smells that may lurk.

Keeping pets under control

Your pets are very much part of your family. However, your potential purchasers may not share your love of animals and it is very important to be aware of this.

Consider confining pets to a specific area in order to keep them under control during viewings.

Alternatively, asking a friend or a neighbour to look after your pets, can help to avoid any awkward or uncomfortable situations with potential buyers.

Puppy biting a stranger's boot outside on a wooden deck

Light and bright

Make sure you have adequate lighting in every room and ensure that all light bulbs are working.

Consider repositioning lamps into the dark areas of your home to help create as much light as possible.

If you are showing prospective buyers around in the evening, remember that soft lighting is more flattering and appealing to the eye.

By using subtle mood lighting you can create the right atmosphere for each room.

Rework your kitchen

The kitchen is very often the hub of a home and many buyers regard this as one of the most important rooms in the house.

Which is why you should consider improving this area if it looks a little worn-out.

You don’t have to spend a fortune on your kitchen to make a difference - small changes like replacing door fronts, a fresh coat of paint and good lighting may be all you need to transform the area.

Decluttering work surfaces is vital to ensure that you create a feeling of space and functionality.

Clean and sparkling black and white kitchen

The great outdoors

The rear of the house is just as important as the entrance to your home.

You don’t have to be the world’s greatest gardener to make your garden look inviting – a few small changes can work wonders and show off your garden’s possibilities.

Consider hanging baskets or plant pots to make the area inviting and colourful.

Be sure to address any maintenance issues such as broken fencing, windows and doors to ensure that your backyard looks neat, tidy and well maintained.

No pressure

It’s important to make the viewing a positive and relaxing experience for potential buyers.

Allow for sufficient viewing time and give potential buyers adequate space to wander around and explore the property in more detail. Make them feel welcome by offering them a drink and the opportunity to ask any questions they may have.

This will encourage potential buyers to feel comfortable enough to strike up a conversation with you.

Doing so will allow you the chance to offer any additional and exciting information about the house and the local area to help seal the deal on the sale.

Shaking hands with someone over the counter after viewing a home for sale


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