Australian Property Review - March 2011

Australian Property Review - March 2011

Private Property South Africa
Scott Picken

The most important component of investing successfully overseas is Information and Partners. The best case scenario is where you are dealing with a partner who regularly travels to the relevant overseas markets to make sure that they are up to date with the trends, opportunities, risks and general state of the investment market.

Over 80% of South Africans who invest in overseas markets – property, shares, etc actually lose money. In fact in Australia there is a saying for South Africans and Zimbabweans who go there to try and invest. “What is the quickest way to become a millionaire in Australia? Arrive with $4 million!”

In my role as IPS CEO, I, Scott Picken have helped over 2,000 people invest in international property, to a value of over R1.6 billion, and endeavour in this market report to give the latest research on the Australian Property market. I have recently returned from Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney and along with my strategic Best of Breed partners on the ground; I thoroughly reviewed everything about the market including comparing the Australian market, with that of the USA and the UK. The purpose of this report is to provide my investors with all the relevant information so that they can make educated and informed decisions and not be part of the 80% or more people who lose money. Ultimately IPS provides the Private Banking solution for Offshore Property and we provide a solution to the three major needs – Wealth Preservation, a Plan B and Peace of Mind.

If you are interested in receiving this report, please email Adele at and she will be able to send you the details. Please mention you came from Private Property as we have arranged a special deal for their clients.


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