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Ben Kelly

For those of the horsey set, Beaulieu is something of a haven. Set behind a security barrier with large stands and roads where the drivers understand that how to behave the suburb is luxurious and quiet.

Set north of Kyalami Main Road the suburb has maintained its rural feel even as urban areas continue to encroach on it from all sides. For those that have chosen to make Beaulieu their home the feeling of living out in the country is a big attraction and the high security nature of the suburb, with its own dedicated security team, offsets the risks that country living brings.

Driving down a road in Beaulieu, you are likely to see any number of different styles of house, from something that would be more at home in Hyde Park to sprawling horse paddocks to chain link fences and slightly run down houses seemingly out of place in a suburb like this.

Average selling prices in the suburb are a little difficult to keep an eye one as the low turnover of properties in the suburb means that there can be quite large variations from year to year. The average selling price in 2010 was just over R3 million while the average for 2011 was over R5 million. This is not just a factor of the suburb itself but also a factor of the upper end of the property market as a whole where properties tend to take longer to sell and owners are holding out for a stronger market.

As with other suburbs at the higher end of the property market you find that the older owners dominate the market with the 35-65 year-olds making up more than 90 percent of owners and 80 percent of the buyers between 50 and 65.

Apart from its country feel and security, Beaulieu has other key advantages. It is ideally situated between Fourways and Midrand making shopping excursions to either hub relatively easy. It is completely access controlled so there is little or no rat-running through the suburb to escape the madness on the nearby main roads. It is close to the new Waterfall Estate development and the amenities (including a new hospital) that are being built there and if you are into motorsports then Kyalami is almost within walking distance.

There are also a number of educational options reasonably close with Beaulieu College being top of the list with all areas of the suburb within walking distance from the school.

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