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Bedfordview Baby and Toddler Centre provides a close-knit, caring atmosphere to provide a comprehensive pre-school education.

Located in Bradford Road, the Bedfordview Baby and Toddler Centre is near Eastgate and is closely-related to a number of suburbs in the area. The school aims to give children every opportunity to excel and develop in all areas. This is achieved through a culture of individual attention, and close monitoring of international trends. The passionate staff are open to considering suggestions in order to provide a top quality service to parents and their children. The Centre is open for mornings-only and full-day children.

This dedication extends to all families, and Bedfordview Baby and Toddler Centre is proudly multi-cultural, co-curricular and bilingual. The school caters for children between the ages of birth and 5 years old. The educators are aware of the different needs and abilities within a pre-school and are committed to helping them reach their greatest potential and build confidence in their abilities.

Young learners at Bedfordview Baby and Toddler Centre experiment and explore, while making the most of the materials at the school to maximise learning. They are guided through this amazing adventure by teachers who aid them in discovery of their talents and knowledge. The curriculum is taught by creative teachers and aid children in developing innovation, independence, critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

The syllabus followed is that of the Day-By-Day Early Childhood Development School Readiness Programme. This is applicable to real life and gives children a comprehensive understanding of the content. The Centre appreciates how fundamental these years are in the lives of their children, and that knowledge is best garnered through play. Upon leaving the school, children are thoroughly prepared for future years of school, and all of the learning areas are met.

Teachers conduct continuous assessment evaluations on the children in their classes, and are flexible in their teaching methods in order to guarantee that the different needs and learning styles of the children in their classes are addressed. In addition to this, individual evaluations, done to Occupational Therapy standards, are conducted at the end of each term and are available for parents’ perusal.

School is fun at Bedfordview Baby and Toddler Centre, with a range of annual events and fun days. The campus and outdoor area is also large enough for many hours of free play. This space is equipped with a separate toddler area with padded matting and suitable equipment. The campus also hosts a bicycle track, jungle gym, sandpit and expanses of green grass. Bedfordview Baby and Toddler Centre adheres to the highest security standards so that, at all times, parents can be at peace in the knowledge that their children are in capable, caring hands.

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