Bisley Park Primary School – A Tradition of Lifelong Excellence

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Claire Fraser

One of the oldest schools in the city of Pietermaritzburg in Kwa-Zulu Natal, Bisley Park Primary School provides relevant education in a multi-cultural society.

Bisley Park Primary is located on a spacious campus with all of the amenities to cater for an enlarging pupil population. It is in an environment of care and a dedication of excellence that educators at Bisley strive to meet the comprehensive needs of learners. It is the school’s aim to provide a meaningful education that will give pupils the grounding they need to successfully tackle the challenges of high school, and give them the grounding to make an impact on the society in which they live.

Bisley Park is a school where the value of the individual is nurtured. As a collective, the learners are given a values-based education with a balance of discipline to ensure that the student body is responsible and endowed with the integrity to deal with others with compassion and respect. Parents are encouraged to be in communication with staff in relation to the progress of their children. Reports are issued throughout the year and parent-teacher meetings are scheduled as part of the school calendar, and parents are invited to arrange meetings over and above these if they feel the need. The academic curriculum is complemented by a number of excursions across the grades as part of the Enrichment Programme, and learners benefit hugely from the role these outings play in the educational process.

As part of Bisley Park’s mission, learners are endowed with the qualities of good sportsmanship through encouraged participation in the range of co-curricular activities offered at the school. A number of facilities at the school cater for the extra-mural life of the learners, including a multi-purpose room, media centre, computer room, sports fields and a swimming pool. Involvement in sports is fundamental in the physical development of learners, as well as having a marked impact on their characters. An after care facility is also available to ensure the security and enrichment of learners after hours.

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