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If bespoke, custom designs appeal to you, the latest tile trends might just be right up your alley. Thanks to new water jet cutting technology and the introduction of beautiful crystal inserts to tile lines, homeowners can now create unique interiors which reflect their individual sense of style.

According to Liza Watermeyer, retail display co-ordinator at Tile Africa, water jet cutting has ushered in a new era in tiling. Through water jet cutting, intricate designs and complex shapes can be cut at high speeds without breakage onto a host of different materials ranging from granite, limestone, engineered stone, travertine, porcelain and ceramic or any other material that can be used for floors, walls and counter tops. Water jet cutting can also be used to create in-lays or medallions.

“Water jet cutting technology allows home owners to create completely unique tile designs which is important for those seeking a more exclusive look for their homes,” notes Watermeyer.

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Water jet cutting has also paved the way for crystal décor tiles which have been slated as the next big thing in tile trends. Crystal décor tiles are just that: tiles fitted with crystal inserts. And not just any crystals. Only Swarovski crystals are used in Tile Africa’s crystal décor tiles which the company sources from Tile Styles-the only Swarovski approved tile supplier in South Africa. As such, homeowners can place their order safe in the knowledge that it will be accompanied by a special Swarovski crystal elements label guaranteeing their authenticity.

And of course the crystal décor tiles can be custom designed according to homeowners’ specific requirements too. All a homeowner need do is select the tile, design and crystal and Tile Africa will do the rest. Crystals range in size from 4mm to 50mm, are available in both round and square shapes and a variety of colours. Pricing of the tiles is dependent on three factors: the cost of the base tile to be used, the cost of the type of crystal selected (shape, colour and number of crystals used) and lastly the intricacy of the design or pattern incorporated.

Says Watermeyer: “Bespoke tiles are ideal for use as feature walls in the home. Areas to consider include the entrance of a home, behind the stove, in the shower and perhaps even above a kitchen sink in the form of a funky splash back for that extra touch of glamour.”

It’s worth pointing out that with spring just around the corner, Tile Africa’s bespoke tiles may also just be the design element you’ve been looking for to freshen up your home and give it that stylish touch.

Watermeyer adds that water jet cutting technology and crystal décor tiles can be used in commercial projects too. That said, she advises against using tiles featuring Swarovski elements in excessively damp areas. Strong chemical detergents such as ammonia are also a ‘no-no’ when cleaning such tiles.

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