Dorm room decor ideas that will liven up your space

Dorm room decor ideas that will liven up your space

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Whether you're looking to decorate from scratch or to liven up your space, this article offers you a wide variety of helpful tips.

Your room decor is a way to express yourself and customise it based on your preferences and budget. The best place to start with dorm room decorating is with color. You can add pops of color like pillows, curtains, or art prints. You could even get creative and make your wallpaper. For a simpler style, try changing out the typical bedding with a patterned comforter or find colorful accessories that will fit into your design.

The top things that make a good dorm room

One of the most challenging things about living in a dorm is finding a way not to feel like you're living in prison. The best way to create a good dorm room is by including some critical elements.

Here are five great ways to make your dorm room feel closer to home:

  • Add lighting
  • Make sure the area is clear
  • Utilise storage space
  • Create a comfortable sleeping space
  • Provide privacy

To achieve having a dorm room feel like home, you should use wall decorations, artwork, and living plants. It’s important to pay attention to the pieces of furniture that you choose so that they will last long. There's no better method to set the mood in your dorm room than with some great decor.

Here are some ideas for a good start:

1) Have a TV and entertainment equipment for watching movies and playing games night after night.

2) Hang up some college posters all around the walls.

3) Ensure to have plenty of storage space without leaning too much on your roommate's stuff.

4) Buy a rug that will make the room more comfortable and color it.

5) Have a motivational quote or saying that you can look at when things get complicated.

Create a photo wall

Create something innovative and different about decorating your dorm room for a new start in your life, from wall art to bedding. You could choose to paint your walls a completely different color or design them with different types of paint. You can also decorate by creating a photo wall so that you will see photos of yourself and friends who are no longer there every time you walk into your room.

Add plants

Plants can add lots of life and character to your dorm room. Whether you want to add plants on your windowsill or in a corner, they're a great way to make your room more comfortable. You can also find some plants that are easy to care for and beautiful to see. Just be sure to check the light levels when adding plants near the windows because they tend not to like direct sunlight most of the day. Dorm rooms are usually small and don't have much space for decorating. However, adding plants can make a room feel bigger without taking up a lot of the floor space. Some plants to consider include ferns and weeping trees.

Flawless combination of lights

Lights are an essential part of any dorm room. They can make a small space feel much more spacious and also help to illuminate the room when you need it. Your options for decorating your dorm room with lights are endless. You could hang up a string of decorative lights, place a colorful ceiling light, or even buy an industrial-looking chandelier. Creative lights in the bedroom can make all the difference. Adding a string of lights, hanging a few crystals, or highlighting your favorite posters with a tube light are some great ways to bring some life to your decor.

Invest in comfy sheets and linens

The best dorm room decor ideas will include comfy sheets and linens. It's essential to invest in high-quality sheets and blankets that you can use for years. Comfort is vital in your new college apartment or dorm room. Purchasing quality bedding will help with stress relief and make it easier to sleep. Many college students invest in comfortable sheets, blankets, and pillows for their dorm room. This is a smart move because your bed becomes your escape from the stress of schoolwork. Purchasing quality bedding will make you sleep better and be more productive when you return home to your bed!

Make a study nook in your bed

You may want to think about making a study nook in your bed. This is an excellent idea for anyone who has trouble sleeping because they can't keep their eyes shut at night. It's relatively simple to make this nook, and you'll have your little corner of the dorm room to yourself. One rule is, whether you're going for a traditional college look or something more fun and youthful, you must have a study nook in your bed. This will help you stay organised while also adding a bit of personality to the room.

Create a welcoming area for friends

The easiest way to create a place for friends to hang out is by creating a common area. Ask each friend to contribute an item they would like to see in the standard room. For example, one person might want to bring over their desk chair, and another might want to bring their TV stand from home. Once everyone brings in the items, you can arrange them to look nice. Many people use their dorm room as a place to hang out, study, or watch movies. If you are in your room all day, it can get a little lonely. You need to create features that will be useful for your friends, so that they don't feel like they have to leave the room when you want to hang out. This includes having a nice rack of video games, inviting them over for movie night, and creating an area to sit around and talk.

Add a rug

A plush area rug is an essential item that can make any dorm room feel like home. This is especially true in a college residence hall where the floor is usually covered with tile or linoleum. An area rug is an ideal addition to any dorm room. It helps to keep the flooring clean and protects the door from getting dings, scratches, and scuffs. A rug is a great way to tie a room together. It can help define the room's shape and color, and pattern. The best thing about rugs is that they are a relatively inexpensive way to make your dorm room feel like home. One easy-to-add decoration you can use on your dorm room rug is an area rug.


One of the most important decisions you will make as a college student is finding the perfect dorm room decor. While it's good to have something personal, it's essential to be practical for your four-year stay at the campus to be enjoyable.

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