Drive Past Beautiful Sedgefield, and Live to Regret It

Drive Past Beautiful Sedgefield, and Live to Regret It

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Anna-Marie Smith

Reason being that Sedgefield’s exquisitely natural environment is mostly hidden from the roadside, not altogether a bad thing since preserving this secret may pay off in time to come. Another reason may be that its two famous neighbours, Knysna and Wilderness are known to steal the show when it comes to large volumes of top class properties. Yet, Sedgefield offers investors looking for property to buy a variety of spectacular locations not easily surpassed.

Then there is the attraction known to glue together an already close-knit community, the wonderful Saturday morning Wild Oats Community Farmer’s Market. There is not much to beat superb coffee and scrumptious breakfasts prepared by the local patisserie experts, to be enjoyed in the outdoors under the shade of magnificent old trees. Champagne and oysters fresh off the rocks, is not only a breakfast fit for kings and queens, but makes for a vibrant shopping experience from wide varieties of delectable cheeses, meat and fresh produce.

Because local is ‘lekker ‘at this market, one meets the owners of all kinds of properties, including holiday homes, guest houses, restaurants and shops, as well as local artists and crafts people. One of many common interests among residents here, is their strong sense of environmental responsibility. Although prevalent for many years, the ongoing education of local communities about the reduction of carbon footprints is inspiring.

Sedgefield’s main landmarks are Gericke’s Point and Swartvlei Lake with a number of smaller suburbs of Cola Beach, Groenvallei, Myoli Beach, and two security villages namely The Island Security Village and Zeegesicht Security Village. This town appeals to families of all sizes, generations and cultures because it is a low crime area with all local amenities within less than 2 km away from any point, as well as easy access to Knysna, George Airport and the Garden Route Mall. Boasting a Mediterranean climate, with moderately hot summers and mild to chilly winters, it has a prolific winter rainfall area, and provides ideal sailing conditions on the different vlei’s and estuaries.

For those looking into property prices and investment opportunities here, Sedgefield has something to offer anyone, from vacant land to freestanding homes and security village living.

What is interesting though, is to observe Lightstone’s statistics, revealing that Sedgefield Central properties have been on an upward curve since 2004, reaching its highest levels in 2010. Average prices for sectional share properties are currently at R455 000 and freehold only at R318 000, showing growth of sectional scheme currently standing at R643 000 and freehold at R952 000. There are however the different price structures for exclusive areas where luxury properties are currently advertised in the upper millions with average values at Myoli Beach at R1.9-million, Cola Beach of R1.7-million, and Zeegesicht Private Estate at R1.5-million.

Sedgefield enjoys a national ranking with overall average freehold prices at R1.4-million, and a Knysna municipal ranking in 33rd place.


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