Ekaya VIP: A smart solution for smart landlords

Ekaya VIP: A smart solution for smart landlords

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VIP by Ekaya for landlords and rental professionals takes the stress out renter verification.

As a landlord, you’ll be well aware that evictions can be a nightmare in South Africa, so it is imperative that you choose the right tenant for your property at the outset. But vetting tenants can be a time-consuming and frustrating experience.

Enter Ekaya – a smart vetting service that ensures you find only the best tenants for your rental property. Ekaya VIP is a tenant profile with all the information that you need during the screening process, digitally verified and easy to understand.

With Ekaya, prospective tenants can verify themselves through a quick and easy verification process. Ekaya VIP (Verified Information Pack) collects and verifies the identity, creditworthiness and affordability of tenants in one simple, online process.

What does VIP include?

  • Verified identity
    Ekaya’s identity verification system presents the most recent data on record with banks, credit bureaus and Home Affairs
  • Comprehensive Credit Report
    VIP connects to Compuscan to produce a comprehensive, easy to understand credit report for each individual tenant.
  • Bank statements and Affordability Index
    VIP connects directly and securely to the tenant’s bank to access their last 90 days of transactions. Their Affordability Index analyses their incoming and outgoing funds to produce a guideline of affordability.
  • References
    VIP lets tenant’s share the contact information of their previous landlords, colleagues, boss or friends so that you can get in touch easily.

Three reasons for landlords to use VIP to screen potential tenants

  • Everything in one place
    Instead of checking tenants one-by-one, invite them to create a Profile for themselves and share it with you.

  • Trusted source data
    Ekaya connects directly with ID verification sources, banks and credit bureaus to show the most accurate data available.

    - Fully compliant and safe
    VIP’s consumer-driven design means tenants can privately share all the information you need without the headache of statutory compliance.

As a landlord, Ekaya VIP allows you to quickly assess the risk factor of each tenant so you only deal with great candidates for your property.

The cost to landlords

There is no cost to you for the service, you simply request any potential tenant to apply for a VIP Profile and share it with you.

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