FAQ's : House Staging

FAQ's : House Staging

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Eril Wiehahn
It has been proven that anyone who is putting a home on the market can benefit from a design consultation. Home Stagers often are able to offer simple solutions leading to exciting transformations.

During my career as a professional Property Stylist or Home Stager, I have had many questions from home sellers. Here are a few of the more frequent ones:

What are the real facts about Home Staging?

Statistics have shown that:

  • staged homes sell faster and for more money;
  • the longer a home is on the market, the lower your selling price will be;
  • clean, fresh, inviting and liveable are all words with universal appeal. Homes advertised as in ‘move-in condition’ sell 12% faster. A professional Home Stager can help you translate these concepts into your home;
  • an ever-increasing pool of prospective buyers first shop the Internet to determine the homes they even want to physically go and see. Therefore, the importance of having good quality “staged” photographs posted on the web is critical for the successful sale of a home;
  • Home Staging, especially in a slow market, is a small investment with potentially very large returns. And is almost always less than your first price reduction.

The market is tough right now and I’m afraid of putting more money into my house…

In a competitive market, staging is even more necessary to ensure a quicker sale. It’s a buyer’s market so your home needs to stand out from the competition. It may seem a little daunting to spend money up front to earn more but statistics show that even spending a few thousand Rand for staging services could net you tenfold in return and speed of sale. Independent studies show that a Staged home can bring as much as 3% to 10% above the asking price and in some markets, much more. Spending some money updating and preparing your property for sale, can be the best investment you’ve ever made because your first reduction in price will always be far more than the cost of staging.

My house is modest. Is it worth having a professional stager?

We work with all budgets. Even spending a few hundred Rand for professional staging advice gives you a huge advantage over your competition on the market. According to statistics you get a far greater return and your home sells much faster if you stage.

My home looks presentable, is decorated very tastefully, isn't offensive and is clean. Why should I have it professionally Staged?

Even a tastefully designed home needs Staging. The potential buyer may have trouble seeing beyond the homeowner's furnishings. Too many distractions can draw the buyer's focus away from what is most important - the actual house and space itself. With this in mind, it is important for homeowners to package and market their home in a way that appeals to as many potential clients as possible. It is difficult for homeowners to be objective when deciding how to prepare, because they are emotionally attached. This is why they need a professional Property Stylist to give an unbiased and experienced evaluation and who can take the home out of the house.

Can’t Home Buyers use their imagination and look past the décor?

It has been determined that only 10% of Home Buyers can actually visualize the potential of a home, leaving 90% at a disadvantage. This is why having a home professionally staged is so important. You should not lose out on 90% of potential homebuyers in the market who cannot visualize the size, scale and possible arrangements of their own furnishings in a space.

My Real Estate Agent has instructed me on what to do to prepare my house for sale, isn't that enough?

Experienced agents have great advice to offer to the home seller. However, unless they are trained Home Stagers or Property Stylists, they won’t be able to get a home into top selling condition in a timely manner without professional and experienced assistance.

When rooms are de-cluttered or cleared, where do the excess furnishings go?

Home sellers will be moving anyway, so they might as well pack things up and store them temporarily. If budget permits, a rental storage unit is a solution while the house is being shown. Not recommended – but if need be – we will put items in the garage, a storage shed or anywhere else that to keep them out of sight. Other options are selling, auctioning or donating to charity.

How long does the Staging process take?

Every job is different and the time can vary depending on the size of the property and the amount of work to be done, which depends on the amount of cleaning, repairs, de-cluttering, neutralizing and styling that is needed.

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