Grace Trinity School for Girls

Grace Trinity School for Girls

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Nestled against the koppie overlooking Rietvlei Zoo Farm, the grounds of Grace Trinity School for Girls gives a sense of utopia. Reitvlei is one of the largest water catchment areas in the country, with the unrivalled beauty of its flora and fauna contributing to the formidable backdrop for the education of young women – making the setting as memorable as the experiences they will have within it. With peacocks roaming the area, and dassies in the fields, the eco-system provides a profusion of learning opportunities for the girls. The school building itself was once a hostel for war veterans in World War 2, and is now a protected Heritage Site. The school opened its doors in January 2011, with a dedication to perfection being one of the primary objectives. The formulation of the curriculum takes into account the activities that girls enjoy. For instance, music, art, dance and drama is offered as a Matric subject for those talented in this sphere to showcase their talent within the body of the school syllabus, rather than simply as an extracurricular activity. In addition to this, the grounds create the ideal location for mountain bike trails, and the teams created from these facilities are sure to be indomitable when competing. The campus has also presented the school with the perfect subject matter for their participation in the national Science Expo to be held in 2012 – the inaugural project entitled “Wetland Conservation for Future Generations.” Grace Trinity School is the perfect choice to assist girls in becoming strong, caring young women; encouraging and expecting the learners to engage in their studies at the level of their personal best. This is to be achieved through the staff body and a sense of sisterhood – cultivating the sense of family and the wider community. Essentially, the girls are responsible for their own education in that it will be their own diligence that determines the outcomes. The school operates under the ethos that all who are a part of the school family are lifelong learners, and so teachers and pupils learn alongside each other as twenty first century scholars. Envisioning a school where girls can feel safe, whilst being instilled with the values and mechanisms to fine-tune their talents, for founder of Grace Trinity, Debra Fynn Robertson, the school is the culmination of a dream and a vehicle for her passion for education. The school is a family-run endeavour and, with twelve years of education experience behind her and another successful independent school in her stable, Debra’s pursuit of excellence is sure to pervade this premium facility. Based on Christian principles across all denominations, the school encourages consistency between the home, school and church. The result is that education will become a part of everything that the learners do and, as such, will play a role in the holistic development of every individual.


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