Groote Schuur High School – A Long-Standing Tradition of Education

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Groote Schuur High School creates an environment where learners can realise their potential through the highest level of tuition. Every individual within the school is treated with respect and tolerance. The diversity of the school is celebrated through an ethos that incorporates values and principles that will make Groote Schuur pupils valuable members of their communities. The professional staff are geared towards providing all learners with a well-rounded education that covers their academic, spiritual, sport and cultural lives. Learning occurs through discovery and creativity, and the school provides innovative opportunities for learners to make the most of their school years and prepare themselves for their futures.

The beautiful campus is always a busy one at Groote Schuur High School. Academically, there is a broad range of subjects for learners to choose from, which encourages every member of the school community to pursue their talents and follow their interests. Computer skills are integrated into the early years within the school, and are offered as a matric subject. Each department shows the dedication and passion for their subjects, and classes are enriched to expand the abilities of the learners in each class. The school’s one hundred percent pass rate is a source of great pride to all of the staff at Groote Schuur.

Groote Schuur High School offers a number of extra-mural activities that cover the sporting and cultural elements of the learners’ education. The extra-mural life at the school creates an active calendar of events, and the school has provided a number of workshops and opportunities to complement each area.

This has allowed for teams to excel in inter-school competitions, as well as for individual participants to represent provincial and national teams. In addition to playing an important role in the social, physical and emotional development of learners, participation in extra-mural activities builds confidence and is positively transmitted into the classroom. As a result, Groote Schuur has a number of stars in the academic, cultural and sporting spheres that, at a young age, are already beginning to make their mark.

"Groote Schuur provided and challenged me with numerous different possibilities, leading me on the path of discovering myself and giving me the opportunity to grow in all my God-given talents." - Ferdi Oosthuizen.

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