How effective is Online Advertising - The Private Property Story?

Private Property South Africa
Mark Coetzee

I decided to list properties on and the response is phenomenal.

Within the first month I received 3 offers on properties! Compared to publishing and taking in consideration the cost, it is a must to advertise on !

The exposure of a property on a property website enables the Estate Agent and Seller to reach buyers nationally and also internationally. The amazing results currently – we are getting international buyers, mostly from the UK, United States, Canada and Australia buying property. I have also experienced sellers contacting Agents on their website to help with the marketing of their property in South Africa.

These are just some of the many success stories that we are receiving from the agents who have decided to join us and list properties for sale on our property portal.

It has taken us 12 years of hard work and millions of rands of marketing to establish Private Property as the most powerful property marketer in South Africa. We’ve known for years that there is no more effective way of marketing a property in South Africa then to post it on the busiest property web site in the country – Private Property!

Now any agent has the chance to join in the success!

It is encouraging to see that even in the toughest of times our Estate Agents are selling houses. This is simply because they have been smart enough to identify the global trend of moving advertising from print to online. They have acted quickly and realised that given that this trend is occurring then why not get their property on the best online property advertiser in the business – Private Property.

Part of our success we can contribute to the quality of the information that our browsers are exposed to. They are able to make informed decisions about the property on view without even physically visiting the property concerned. This is made possible because we offer brilliant features like Virtual Tours and Video Tours with voice over.

Our Estate Agents have quickly learned that to achieve the best results on the Private Property web site they need to ensure that their listings get the most exposure possible. The only way to achieve this is to use their PRO POINTS to buy the additional features like the VIRTUAL TOURS, VIDEO’S and ONLINE AUCTIONS. By adding these features their listings are given priority ranking on our web site and therefore receive more views then other standard listings. The more views a property receives the better the chance of that property being seen by a prospective buyer.

I encourage all our agents to make the best of the PRO POINTS you are given and get cracking with adding additional features to your listings. We also encourage you to send your transfers to our Panel Attorneys. This is the easiest way to accumulate additional PRO POINTS! Please contact your Private Property Relationship Manager for further information.

I wish you all HAPPY SELLING!

Mark Coetzee

National Sales Manager – Private Property

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