How to get financing in USA property?

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Scott Picken

Everyone is asking how to finance USA property. Scott Picken, IPS CEO, has just spent another 3 weeks in USA buying USA property and he wants to explain the 5 ways to get finance in USA.

Scott also attended a course with Dr Dolf De Roos, author of the International Best Seller, Real Estate Riches. Dolf, in conjunction with Real Estate Investor Magazine, ran a course and shared how to take advantage of the current economic conditions, where is the best places to invest and in what? Scott then travelling around USA with millions of Rand’s and bought as many quality investment properties as he could find. In this webinar Scott will share everything he has learnt and experienced on his recent trip to USA.

If you want to take advantage of the greatest investment opportunity of our life time them this is not a webinar to miss. Click here to watch the webinar -

Here are two videos which you also might find interesting with regards to financing in USA.

Can you get finance in USA? | Un-Weaving the Truth | Scott Picken | IPS

Apples vs Apples or Apples & Lemons | IPS | Scott Picken showing you the truth on USA property

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