In-House With Trinity Pre-Primary

In-House With Trinity Pre-Primary

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Situated in the heart of Randpark Ridge, the school campus is located on grounds with beautiful gardens with age-appropriate areas allocated to each group of learners. The Pre-Primary School is an area where children are given the freedom to develop their potential emotionally, spiritually, physically and intellectually.

Trinityhouse Pre-Primary School has a focus on the holistic development of the whole child. Learning and play takes place in a caring, nurturing environment within the school’s explicitly Christian ethos. It is upon this ethos, and amidst fine facilities with qualified and attentive staff, that the individuality and unique talents of every child is given expression and guidance. This creates the perfect atmosphere for learning, in lovely surroundings.

The Pre-Primary School has a fantastic, holistic, differentiated programme, whereby children learn through play and sensory integration. Every group is assigned a playground that is designed for each respective level. As children grow older within the Pre-School – and as their needs change – they progress to a new level. Throughout their years at the school, they will be challenged and stimulated during their days, and physical activity will be encouraged. Learning takes place freely during the course of a typical day at the school, whether in the classroom or on the playground.

Happy school days filled with activity lead to happy learners. It is through the curriculum and guidance of teachers at Trinityhouse that children develop into confident young learners with life skills that will prepare them for their schooling and lives ahead. A combination of strong core values and fundamental learning skills, together with a motivated attitude towards school and learning, lays the groundwork for a successful introduction to primary school. It is upon this foundation that learners will be able to derive superlative benefit from their early school years, which is pivotal to their success later in their schooling.

In keeping with the Christian nature of the school, Trinityhouse Pre-Primary encourages respect, consideration and understanding both in the school and beyond. One of the ways of achieving this is through social responsibility projects. The school’s main initiative in this regard is its assistance to underprivileged children in association with the Make a Difference charity. It is through this that the school holds a party for less fortunate children – a day that will stand out in their minds for the love, care and gifts that are given.

Learners who are keen to get involved in sporting activities through Trinityhouse Pre-Primary School are given this opportunity. Budding sportsmen and women can participate in Nettgirlies, Ruggakids and Playball. These activities are offered by private companies during school hours.

Parents are encouraged to be involved in the schooling of their children at Trinityhouse Pre-Primary. The school ensures that parents receive frequent communications in order to keep abreast of what is happening within the school, as well as their child’s progress. The school hosts a number of events that include parents during the course of the year.

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