Industrial chic for coastal living

Industrial chic for coastal living

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With 2014 dubbed the year to invest in property, many South Africans are turning their dream of owning a beach house into a reality.

However, buying coastal property opens up a considerable can of maintenance worms. Marine climates are perfect conditions for rust and damp, not to mention devastating damage to woodwork. To avoid your second home becoming an endless source of upkeep worries, consider renovations that can take a knock.

The industrial look

Home design with an industry edge is proving to be more than just a passing craze. The style promotes clean lines, open space and no-fuss furnishings.

Think polished cement floors, exposed pipes, corrugated iron sheeting and raw brick walls. Not only can these surfaces withstand the onslaught of a never-ending sea breeze, the modern aesthetic will give you a beach house with an enviably chic edge.

Finishes to look out for

Frosted glass for patio railings looks fresh and modern whilst cleverly masking the salty residue of sea air. For example, think white for a fresh modern façade and to limit the appearance of sun bleaching.

Industrial cladding or Colour-Tech PVDF paint provides pops of colour specifically made to withstand coastal climates. Play with bright industrial panelling or even incorporate a shipping container.

Industrial interior

An industrial style home comes to its full right when the theme is carried through to the interior. Think open plan with diverse levels for allocating space. Glass partitions and mirrored panels will add to the chic clean style.

Keep the floors cool and classy with high gloss painted cement. Trotted in sea-sand is no problem for this easy -to-clean floor, and it can take a surf-board slam any day.

Let in as much natural light as possible with sunroofs and wide windows. Keep frilly lighting solutions like tasseled lampshades or chandeliers out of the mix. Incorporate modern light fittings in different places to play with illuminating your open plan space.


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