Jeppe High School For Boys

Jeppe High School For Boys

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Established in 1890 in Fairview, Jeppe High School for Boys is Johannesburg’s oldest public school and has been described as reflecting the history and changing character of the city more than any other school in the diversity of the student body. The beautiful, old buildings convey but a portion of the rich and often challenging school history. With the ability to overcome adversity as well as a persisting and solid ethos, it is not surprising that Jeppe is ranked as in the top 20 boys’ schools in the country. The staff and governing body pride themselves on the calibre of young men that matriculate from the school every year, and are assured of their success in all of their pursuits.Jeppe High School for Boys has a number of cultural and sporting co-curricular activities available to the learners, with the belief that their participation will aid in comprehensive development of the boys both inside the classroom and outside of the school in their everyday lives through the skills that are honed through their involvement. The activities available include chess, choir, debating and public speaking, drama as well as nominated boys participating in the Global Young Leaders Conference, Jesus and Me Christian association, Junior City Council, Music, Representative Council of Learners outreach programmes, Rotary and the Wildlife Society. All of these departments and societies are active within their respective fields, giving the boys ample opportunity to test their skills and undergo assessment through competition. The excellence on the sporting and cultural fields is complementary to the high standards both set and acquired in academics. The high marks in the classroom as well as in Olympiads and quizzes bear testament to this as much as the successfully-undertaken endeavours of the alumni across a broad range of careers and professions. Past pupils are largely still involved in the school and these are associations that are nurtured by both the school and the alumni themselves. A sense of social responsibility is instilled in the boys through a variety of means. The Representative Council of Learners partakes in a multitude of charitable causes. Jeppe High School for Boys also runs a number of projects for the enrichment of disadvantaged communities. An instance of this is giving the boys incentive to donate books to worthy recipients.Jeppe High School for Boys has a commitment to the superior education of young men. This is achieved via an ethos of loyalty, honour and friendship in conjunction with a dedicated staff body and premium facilities; undergoing maintenance in keeping with the rate of modern development in the school and on the sports field. The characters of the students are nurtured and the boys are driven to reach their greatest potential in the various facets of their lives.


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