Kids Company Montessori Pre-Primary School – Reach for the Stars

Kids Company Montessori Pre-Primary School – Reach for the Stars

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Claire Fraser

With a focus on the “whole child” the Montessori system of learning is a unique and effective method that has been thoroughly researched to obtain optimum results. At Kids Company this methodology, uniquely combines with the traditional requirements of the national curriculum, to fully prepare children for primary school and the future. Teaching takes place in a happy, prepared environment, using Montessori equipment and materials, which serves in the creation of happy memories and well-adjusted children.

At Kids Company Montessori Pre-Primary, learning occurs through pre-planned lessons and activities, freedom of exploration and play. The school ensures that all children are exposed to a stimulating, dynamic environment engineered to identify learning potential and support each child in working to achieve their goals.

These areas are spacious, clean and safe and age groups mingle on the playground in order for peer learning to occur during this time. Although a certain degree of freedom to play is given, this is balanced through careful structure and routine with a focus on self-discipline to ensure that children can derive maximum benefit and social etiquette.

A synergetic balance exists between children being encouraged to explore, while teachers are present to monitor and direct them through their explorations and traditional teacher-centred lessons. This aids in the development of independent thinking, allowing children to grow at their own pace and develop good self esteem and, ultimately, prepares them for the demands of school.


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