Lamberts Bay - The Jewel of the West Coast

Lamberts Bay - The Jewel of the West Coast

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Lea Jacobs

The small coastal town of Lamberts Bay in the Western Cape is situated approximately 200km North of Cape Town and less than 60km from Clan William. Not well known to the average South African, the town has remained a popular holiday destination for those busy Capetonian’s who still manage to fit in a long weekend getaway of surf, sea, sand and sunbathing.

As with most other South African seaside destinations, this charming parish owes its origin to humble beginnings as a fishing village. Mother Nature has truly blessed Lamberts Bay, which is renowned for its long stretches of uninterrupted white sandy beaches and abundant marine life. Moderate climatic conditions, a slower pace of life and a host of facilities and amenities contribute to the towns allure. Bed and breakfast establishments are plentiful and offer a wide variety of choice to visitors.

The town’s infrastructure is adequate and features a natural small craft harbour, a nine-hole golf course, open-air restaurants as well as a medical centre. The main industry in the town is tourism, however, the potato chip factory which supplies large well-known outlets provides stable employment to local residents.

Property in the region appears to be fairly well price when compared to other coastal constituencies of the province. An internet search reveals that entry level properties start at approximately R700 000 for a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home. An upmarket home offering “all mod cons”, would come in at between R2m to R3m.

Statistics released by Lightstone property price indices reveal that the average price paid for a freehold property in Lamberts Bay was R722 000 over the last 12 month period. Freehold sales dominated the market comprising 98% of the sales concluded in the area. The highest price achieved in the sectional title sector of the market was R1 96m, and was the only unit sold in the last 12 months. Over 45% of the residents have resides in Lamberts Bay for longer than 11 years and 43.75% of recent sellers were over the age of 65 years. Lamberts Bay seems to be in vogue with more mature purchasers as 38% of recent purchasers were over fifty years of age. This could perhaps be due in part to the more affordable price ranges in respect of coastal property purchase with Lamberts Bay offering a holistic, laidback life style.

Diamond trawlers that dock in the harbour at Lamberts Bay, bringing in the diamond shale from the deepest ocean beds may contribute in part to the term “the diamond of the Western Cape” .With a full range of outdoor activities and seafood festivals taking place in Lamberts Bay each year, diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, however, for the men folk, it seems that many may have their gone fishing signs permanently affixed to the gate post. What more could one ask for?


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