Leeuwenhof Akademie - A Unique Journey of Discovery

Leeuwenhof Akademie - A Unique Journey of Discovery

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Anna-Marie Smith

This school opened its doors 15 years ago, is located in the suburb of Bedfordview Johannesburg, and is located 15 minutes from Oliver Tambo Airport, 3km from Bedford Centre and 3 km from Eastgate.

This unique Afrikaans private school rests solidly on four pillars:"Confessing that Jesus Christ is saviour to all associated with Leeuwenhof Akademie, and by publicly expressing a love for all children to establish a healthy school discipline; that academic expertise is part of the school’s ethos, that extra-curricular activities are practiced with excellence, and that professionalism is regarded as standard practice.”

The staff and management of this outstanding educational institution approach their tasks as educators with an awareness to differentiate the teaching experience that exists in a sphere of similarity. The school has a total enrollment of about 800 pupils from grade 000 to grade 12. While the school is on a path of constant growth and development, the principle of small class sizes, quality teaching and maintaining close family ties, remains as it ensures well rounded and emotionally intelligent learners well poised for future challenges.

At academic levels Leeuwenhof Akademie continues to offer a shining performance. Pre-and primary school teaching is based on the basic National Curriculum, but continued differentiation applies, and greatly enriched assignments ensure that no limitations are placed on any child's development. The pre-school's curriculum focuses on the preparation of learners who are balanced at every level, including emotional, perceptual, social, cognitive, language and motor skills. This department specialises in establishing the skills for reading, writing and mathematics. At the primary school a very high premium is placed on a balanced lifestyle and an all encompassing education on four levels including life skills, academics, sport and culture, and learners are proud users of a well-equipped multi-media information center on this campus.

The high school syllabus offers a unique challenge to each learner, where the best of both worlds is discovered. Although dual medium education is implemented at this level, the school retains its unique Afrikaans character. In view of English as an international language, Leeuwenhof Akademie offers the Independent Examination Board (IEB) curriculum in both Afrikaans and English. While dual medium education takes place from Grade 8, learners have the opportunity to continue their studies in English. From grade 2, learners are taught English at first language level, thereby providing Grade7 Afrikaans speaking learners the opportunity to continue their education in English. Leeuwenhof Akademie, well known for its excellent academic results, has in one year rendered five matriculants who were selected for medical studies.

An extensive extracurricular program developed by the school offers learners a range of 38 extra-curricular activities in which to participate, and students are given the opportunity to excel at various levels of cultural and sporting activities. Leeuwenhof Akademie is especially proud of the school's dynamic music academy where learners are offered a variety of cultural opportunities. An early exposure to music is ensured by learners attending the school’s music academy from pre-school to high school, and all grade 3 learners enjoy the privilege of learning to play the recorder. The music academy offers many choices, from the renowned marimba group to singing groups, choirs, revues and other stage productions, as well as lessons in a variety of instruments and voice training.

Leeuwenhof Akademie attracts learners from across the East Rand, and to avoid transportation problems the school offers an excellent bus service on different routes, including Alberton, Boksburg/Benoni, Kempton Park/Edenvale, Springs/Sunwardpark/Lambton and Vereeniging.

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