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In line with the trend towards times gone by when the world was a simpler place, bathroom designers are stepping back in time to borrow ideas from yesteryear. One of the trends which has manifested as a result of this shift is the re-emergence of Victorian style bathrooms.

So says Liza Watermeyer, Retail Display Coordinator at Tile Africa who explains that the Victorian era was generally viewed as a period of peace, prosperity and romance. As is the case during times of peace and plenty, the designers of the time had the means and freedom to create magnificent, statement bathrooms and it is these bathrooms which are providing the inspiration for some of today’s looks.

Watermeyer explains that a contemporary Victorian style bathroom can be easily achieved through the use of bathroom accessories fashioned along classic design lines. Those considering the style should focus on the bath, floors, taps and toilet she adds.

Watermeyer explains that the elegant ‘slipper’ baths of the Victorian era can be replicated through the use of gorgeous freestanding acrylic or crystallite baths that are comfortable, durable and right on trend. While white baths with black clawed feet are the most commonly used baths in Victorian style bathrooms, Watermeyer suggests installing a different coloured bath or installing a freestanding flute bath which sports trendy linear design lines for a more contemporary look.

Commenting on Victorian era toilets, Watermeyer says high-level cistern toilets were typically the toilet of choice in Victorian times. These have been replaced by modern close-coupled cistern toilets. Bathroom retailers stock a variety of styles and designs that can be used in your Victorian bathroom. “Whatever your choice, ensure that you select a toilet that dovetails with the rest of your bathroom,” notes Watermeyer.

The flooring is another element which plays an important role in creating a Victorian style bathroom says Watermeyer. “A black and white checker floor is ideal if you have the space. Alternatively consider a plain white floor. The colour combination of black and white goes beyond seasonal trends and is a timeless flooring option that works well with contemporary or eclectic decor styles. This look can be achieved with the use of 600 x 600mm nano black and nano white polished porcelain tiles for a bigger bathroom or smaller sized tiles for a less spacious bathroom.”

Tap type is another important element in the Victorian bathroom says Watermeyer. Typically, freestanding, floor mounted taps are associated with Victorian bathrooms. There are a variety of floor mounted taps available on the market which could suit this purpose. Watermeyer recommends the ‘Stylo’ bath mixer; the freestanding ‘Varna’ or ‘Lesina’ taps to achieve a Victorian type feel.

A few finishing touches can really bring your bathroom together adds Watermeyer. “An oval vanity will add class and elegance to any Victorian bathroom. If you have a spacious bathroom, consider adding a plush chair. For a touch of glamour, consider fitting a dazzling chandelier. Chrome towel rings and towel rails, large round shower heads, oval and rectangular bevelled mirrors on swivel brackets and wall lights or sconces placed on either side of the mirror are all additional touches which can really make your Victorian style bathroom stand out.”

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