Morningside - Life on the Mainstream

Morningside - Life on the Mainstream

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Ben Kelly

For those people that work in the Sandton area, or those that want to be close to the heartbeat of Jo’burg nightlife, Morningside is the perfect suburb.

Split into two by Rivonia road the suburb is dominated by sectional title developments with two thirds of properties falling into this category. The remainder of the properties are almost equally split between estates and freehold properties.

The freehold properties are distinctly in the upper segement of the market with the average selling price last year just over the R4 million mark (this number includes estates). For this price you get top of the range properties that have been kept up to date with the latest technology and are likely to need very little attention.

The lower number of freehold properties is largely due to many of the original properties in the suburb being developed for sectional title as demand in the suburb increased with the continued development in Sandton.

Sectional title prices are more reasonable, with the average price sitting at just over R1.5 million. With an average household income in the suburb of between R50 000 and R67 000 a month, the kind of residents this suburb attracts tends towards the more affluent. As with many, more upmarket suburbs, security is a key issue in this area, but as this is a known quantity the are is well covered by private security companies and Sandton Police Station is at the one end of the suburb and community involvement in the station is high.

Part of the attraction of living in Morningside is the ability to get to most parts of the northern suburbs with very little effort. Go south down Rivonia Road and you are in Sandton, go north and you are in Rivonia. The N1 highway is easy to get to as is the M1. The Gautrain station in Sandton is virtually within walking distance – not that anyone walks in Morningside – and through that the airport and Pretoria. There is also a new shopping centre going up on Rivonia road to service the needs of the residents.

Those looking for education are in the heart of quality education in Johannesburg. Within easy reach are some of the best private schools in the city, including Redhill, Crawford, St David’s and the French School. There are also numerous state schools in the area, all of which pride themselves in being some of the best government schools in the city.


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