New Year's resolutions for your home

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New year, new room? Here’s how to shake up your home in line with your 2019 resolutions, without breaking your budget.

Your property New Year’s resolution Revamping part of your home can help you achieve those 2019 goals. After all, your home defines your lifestyle. We show you how to channel that new year energy into making your goals a home reality:

Spend more time outdoors

Your busy day means you don’t get to spend much time outdoors. Now that you’re ready to set new routines, it’s time to transform your garden to reflect your renewed lifestyle. We recommend:

● Installing new outdoor furniture: These items are easy to find at second-hand sales. You should be replacing this slice of your home life every two to five years, because they are constantly exposed to the outdoor elements. When it comes to outdoor furniture, second hand is superb!
● The once-off: Work off those festive calories with a clear-up of your garden area. Grab your secateurs, pruner, and rake, and get busy. Spending a day just cleaning up and clearing out could refresh your whole space.
● Start planting: Seeds for your vegetable garden are inexpensive and, with a little sunshine and care, you could soon be growing your own food.

Start something new

If 2019 is your year to learn a new skill, start studying again, or launch a small business on the side, revamping your spare room into a study or office will help you along. We recommend:

● Decluttering your guest bedroom: Your spare room often turns into a storeroom throughout the year. Set aside a day to clear it out, and reorganise the furniture to see how much space you have. You may just be able to slot in a desk and have the room serve a dual purpose, as your office and guest room.
● Installing extra plug points in the room: There are never too many plug points one can have, and installing extra ones is an inexpensive way to ensure the room can be used in multiple ways.
● Installing shelves: This is one of those tasks you can DIY, or call in a professional to help you out. Extra storage space is essential for your new study - don’t skip this one.
● Getting the best chair you can: You’ll be spending a lot of time in your new space, so make sure your desk chair is comfortable and provides you with the right kind of support.

A new way of eating

Adopting a new healthy eating plan is a great way to start the new year off. Inspiring yourself towards a better way of eating starts in the kitchen. We recommend:

● Clearing out the cupboards: There are plastic containers with no lids, old appliances with no plugs, and all sorts of strange items stored in your kitchen cupboards. It’s time to let them go. Pull everything out of the cupboards, and organise the things you need, while eliminating the things you don’t. If you haven’t used your waffle iron in a year, donate it. It’s time.
● Painting: Your kitchen walls often see the worst of it, with oil splatters and all sorts. A DIY paint job could give a whole new look to your favourite place to cook.
● Upgrading your implements: Perhaps it’s new recipe books to provide extra inspiration, or a set of new pots to stir up sauces. Whatever your chosen investment in your new kitchen is, make it meaningful, and something that’ll help you achieve your 2019 goal.

More me-time

Creating a distraction- free (we’re talking about the TV…) reading or relaxation room is an excellent way to support your new commitment to yourself. We recommend:

● Browsing second hand book sales and stores to expand your personal library.
● Buying a set of DIY bookshelves to extend your storage space.
● Reupholstering an old lounge suite or armchair, rather than throwing it away. Tada! New furniture for your new favourite space.

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