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How to save on tax when you work from home
If you are self-employed or work from home regularly, you could be entitled to claim some expenses and reduce your tax bill.
Getting your home office to work for you
Learn how to create the perfect office at home, to fit your unique needs.
5 Awesome enclosed balcony ideas
How to turn that enclosed balcony into a stunning extension of your living area.
The Benefits of Working from Home
How to make sure that you maintain your productivity when working from home.
Make working from home work for you
The benefits of running your business from your home are numerous. Just think of the lower petrol costs, extra time with your family and freedom to manage your own office hours, and you’ll soon be dragging a desk into your spare ...
Tax benefits for working from home
There are tax benefits to working from home but they are limited. If you earn remuneration it’s very difficult indeed to claim any deductions for your home office expenses. If you earn mainly commission it’s a bit easier. If you ...
Is it legal to work from home?
All formal towns are governed by a town planning scheme (also nowadays known as a land use management scheme) in terms of which each parcel of land or stand has a specific zoning or land use right ...