Oakhill Pre-Schools

Oakhill Pre-Schools

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Oakhill Pre-Schools in Gauteng provide premium foundation education, from baby care at Pooh Bear Corner to the development of pivotal educational skills at Oakhill Pre-Preparatory School. Located in Morningside, 700 metres apart, Pooh Bear Corner and Oakhill are conveniently near to Sandton and all of the facilities the upmarket suburb has to offer. Kildoon Pre-Primary, the latest addition to the chain of schools, will be opening in August near to Bryanston High School. Pooh Bear Corner is the baby care facility offered by the group of schools, catering for the care of babies and toddlers between the ages of four months and two and a half years old. The situation of Pooh Bear Corner is ideal for the security factor, giving parents peace of mind that their little ones are safe while they are in the care of the dedicated staff. With a commitment to making the children as comfortable as possible while they are away from home, the groups are kept small – the school catering for forty-five children in total. Meals are prepared on-site and to the highest quality, ensuring that the nutritional needs of the children are met. Additional snacks are made for children in the aftercare facility. Babies from four to eighteen months are given their own cots to accommodate their unique sleep time, while the remainder of the children have routine sleep time worked into their schedule for the day. In addition to these offerings, Playball is factored into the school fees, while optional extras include Kindermusik and swimming. Pooh Bear Corner has a dedication to the general and holistic wellbeing of the children they care for, and the staff are on hand to offer advice on feeding routines and development. The school is open all year around, apart from December, for the convenience of the parents. Oakhill Pre-Preparatory has a firm reputation for the care, development and security of children between two and a half and six years old. With capacity for ninety children, the school has a premium aftercare facility and, much like Pooh Bear Corner, the school is open all months of the year save December. The paramount focus of the school is superior preparation for the graduation to primary school. In keeping with this ethos, pre-writing skills are developed through painting, cutting, play dough and puzzle building; and pre-maths skills are developed through counting games, computers and music. An holistic approach is adopted to make sure that all of the children that go to Oakhill are fully prepared for their future schooling and given a thorough grounding for all of their pursuits. Children are given a full breakfast upon arrival and are provided with balanced snacks and meals throughout the day – breakfast, lunch and a mid-morning snack for those there only within school hours, and the former including lunch and a snack in the afternoon for those children taking advantage of the aftercare facilities.Taking into account that important life skills are developed on the playground, play time is encouraged to motivate companionship and enhance motor skills. Outings, puppet shows and live animal shows initiate a sense of independence and add diversity to the curriculum. Playball and computer lessons are included in the school fees, while Kindermusik, swimming , hip hop and karate are offered as extra-curricular additions to the curriculum.


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