Point of Interest - St Anne’s Diocesan College

Point of Interest - St Anne’s Diocesan College

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Located in Hilton, on the cusp of the picturesque Midlands and the metropolis of Pietermaritzburg and Durban beyond, is St Anne’s Diocesan College. Set amidst the superb views of its premier locale in Hilton, the beautiful old buildings of the college have housed the education of girls to the highest standards for generations, and will continue to do so for generations to come. Boasting an alumni of highly successful women, from the sports field to the professional arena, a commitment to excellence is inherent in the establishment of itself as well as in the young women themselves, during their time at the school and in their pursuits thereafter. With a strong focus on academics, St Anne’s strives to retain as diverse a curriculum as possible, with a multi-faceted approach to personal growth and the sense of accomplishment that comes with perseverance beyond the theoretical. The Great Adventure, for instance, is an outward bound exercise for Grade 9 girls, where they are sent out into nature without modern conveniences and set tasks requiring effective communication, basic survival skills and tactical thinking. Over and above this, they are expected to spend time alone in evaluation and reflection. 2011 also sees the College spearheading the first school film as part of the dramatic arts department’s practical experience. This exciting initiative adds to the wholly successful productions of yesteryear, and certainly sets the benchmark for years to come. St Anne’s also has an active music department, which caters for the eclectic tastes of the girls, whether in an extracurricular or subject music capacity. There is a vast range of extracurricular activities available to the girls, including an array of sports and clubs catering for all personalities, whether their interests lie with crafts, reading, social or charitable causes. Social responsibility, STEPP (St Anne’s Education in Partnership Programme) has moved beyond the realm of the extracurricular over the years to a full-fledged programme. The resultant drive within the girls has seen a transformation, not only for the communities that are the focus of the initiatives, but within the walls of the college itself. Ranging from literacy and teacher training to school and library development, the programme instils fine values and a variety of skills within the girls who participate.


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