Port Edward – Life on the Wild Side

Port Edward – Life on the Wild Side

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Lea Jacobs

Situated approximately 30km south of Margate and a stone’s throw from the Wild Coast Sun Hotel and Casino Resort this quiet, somewhat unassuming village truly highlights what South Coast living is all about. Nestled in a sub-tropical nook alongside the warm Indian Ocean, the area offers relaxed living in a village-like atmosphere. Port Edward has its own golf course and bowling green and has a wealth of other entertainment facilities virtually on its doorstep.

When the Portuguese ship Sao Joao ran aground at Port Edward in 1552, it was the first documented meeting of Europeans and indigenous African tribesmen in South Africa. The meeting was by all accounts peaceful, however, that was to change in the early 1830s when a group of British settlers came into conflict with the Zulus near Durban. In an effort to avoid confrontation, the group, which included Henry Francis Flynn and his family, decided to travel south.

When the Zulus caught up with the fleeing colonists in the area now known as Port Edward, a fierce battle ensued on a hillside called Isandlundlu. The colonists, along with a number of members of a local tribe were massacred and the hill has been known ever since as Tragedy Hill. In 1925, the village was laid out by T.K Pringle and named Port Edward in honour of the Prince of Wales, who later went on to become Edward VIII of England.

The town has, for many years, been highly regarded by those who visit the Lower South Coast and has proven an area of choice for second home owners. Generally speaking, property prices are somewhat lower than those in other coastal towns in the region and although the area witnessed massive growth during the boom, things have settled down somewhat. These days the area encompasses a healthy mix of permanent and second or holiday home owners and remains extremely quiet outside of holiday periods.

With its pristine beaches and good mix of shops, restaurants and a wealth of holiday accommodation to choose from, the area virtually explodes during the December holiday season. The fact that the well-known Wild Coast Sun Hotel and Casino Resort is minutes away from the town forms part of the attraction.

The resort has recently undergone major renovations to the tune of R80-million. The new Wild Waves Water Park, which boasts the wildest and most spectacular water rides south of Durban, is the perfect place to take the children for the day and fun and excitement are virtually guaranteed.

In terms of residential property sales, Lightstone’s statistics reveal that there have been a total of 65 transfers in the area in the last 12 months. The average price paid for a freehold property was R828 000 and the sectional title average came in at R519 000. Although the highest price paid for a property is not reflected in the statistics, beachfront property obviously commands a higher price and listings by various agencies in the town indicate that prices of prime beachfront property hover around the R4.5-million mark.


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