Saryna Kiddi Care – Your Child, Our Love, Our Passion

Saryna Kiddi Care – Your Child, Our Love, Our Passion

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Claire Fraser

Catering for babies to six year olds, Saryna was established and is managed by Sister Riana Joubert, who is a paediatric and neonatal sister, and her daughter. Together, the professional staff provides a specialised day care environment. The experience of the staff means that children with special needs are accommodated, and these children benefit from being integrated into a mainstream school. The care environment for children with special needs is high-stimulation and the school specialises in children with low immunity, low muscle tone, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy and premature babies. The on-site clinic is a valuable asset to the school, and offers medical support – keeping parents’ minds at rest. In addition to this, the clinic offers a Well Baby Clinic, Ante-Natal and Post-Natal classes and a Primary Health Care Clinic.

Throughout Saryna Kiddi Care, classes are small, which ensures individual attention and care to both children with special needs and those without. The animal farm offers children the fun and therapeutic benefits of nature.

Saryna is divided in terms of age into the Nursery School and Pre-Primary School, as well as the new early Primary years – from Grade one to three. The Nursery school is equipped with all the necessary baby infrastructure and toys to stimulate and care for your little one. The curriculum is state of the art and overseen by a medical sister, specialising in infant and toddler stimulation and diets, as well as a physiologist with vast experience in infant and toddler behaviour and education. Assessment and class placement is done, and programmes implemented, to assure rapid progress.

The Pre-Primary School follows a daily programme concentrating on holistic development of children. Learners are exposed to weekly themes and an excursion each term, which expands their experiences and helps them to explore what they have learned. Children are placed in classes according to assessments of developmental milestones.

The outside play area has specially-designed allocated space for different age groups. The playground has a covered sandpit and sterilised sand and toys; exciting jungle gym, plastic bike track, trampoline; and large, open spaces for free play.


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