Should an attorney be used to draft a lease agreement?

Should an attorney be used to draft a lease agreement?

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Going through attorneys to draft a lease agreement can be expensive. Tenant Profile Network offers lease agreement packs, which is a standardised set of legal documents that are maintained and kept up to date on a monthly basis for an annual subscription fee. Changes in legislation are included with no additional costs.

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Does the "Voetstoets" clause still apply to lease agreements?
The Rental Housing Amendment Bill now requires that the landlord maintains and places the property fit for the purpose for which it was let.
Do all landlords need to provide a lease agreement?
All landlords will need lease agreements, according the amendments to the Rental Housing Act.
What happens if you disregard the Rental Housing Amendment Bill?
Should a landlord have a dispute with a tenant, a written lease agreement will be necessary at the Rental Housing Tribunal.