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How to spot a bad tenant - before they move in
Tenant screening and selection are essential skills for landlords to have. Here are 15 tips to help you avoid undesirable tenants.
This is the reason so many eviction applications go wrong
It’s every landlord’s nightmare to find out that their eviction order has been denied by the courts. One easy step can help landlords avoid this pitfall.
6 Safety tips for property professionals
Being an estate agent comes with many risks. Here are 6 ways to stay safe as a property professional.
How have interest rate hikes affected landlords?
Read about the state of the rental market in the wake of the recent interest rate hikes.
Race, religion and landlords
The Rental Housing Tribunal prohibits the rejection of tenants based on certain factors.
Why January is a bad time for landlords?
In a recent analysis conducted by TPN Credit Bureau, data shows that rental payment collections in South Africa usually decline by about 12,5% in January each year.
How does the Rental Housing Amendment Bill protect landlords?
Both tenants and landlords benefit from written lease agreements, and understanding their obligations.
How does the Rental Housing Amendment Bill benefit tenants?
Tenants will benefit from the new regulations around renting, specifically from having written lease agreements.
The Rental Housing Amendment Bill
What changes will this make to the Rental Housing Act?
Should maintenance be stated in the lease agreement?
Landlords should maintain the structure of a property, while tenants maintain items within the property.