St Dominic’s School for Girls

St Dominic’s School for Girls

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Claire Fraser

Located in Boksburg, St Dominic’s School for Girls caters for the finest education of girls from pre-school through to matric level in a family atmosphere. Housed in magnificent buildings with a history telling of the achievements and tenacity of its founders, the school offers excellent academic education in an atmosphere of caring based on Christian principles and values that pervade every facet of the school. It is upon this basis that the girls are given the opportunities to achieve to the best of their ability in all of their pursuits. The school’s beautiful grounds are the ideal locale for socialising, reading, group work or quiet times of reflection. In an all-girl environment, the girls are challenged to be independent and critical thinkers, interacting with one another to create effective teams as well as making them more adept in daily interplay both in the classroom and on the sports field. With small classes that range from pre-school to senior school level, all learners receive the individual attention that they need to flourish. With St Dominic’s offering education from Grade 000 - Grade12 the learners can complete their school years at one school. At Pre-Grade level, the girls learn through playing and through a comprehensive range of activities designed to holistically develop skills that will persist through their educational careers and guarantee success and coping mechanisms for any challenges they will encounter. These skills lay the foundation for junior and senior school. Moving into the Junior School, there is a focus on a firm introduction to academics, concentrating on literacy, numeracy and a development of life skills, as well as an introduction to computer literacy. To complement the academic curriculum, a number of extra non-examination subjects are offered, along with a diverse range of awards for achievers in academic and extra-curricular fields. A number of leadership opportunities are made available to the girls in Grade 7. St Dominic’s has a speech and occupational therapist on-site who can assess the individual needs of the girls and help to counteract any difficulties encountered by the learners in the course of their studies. The therapist works in conjunction with class teachers in order to maximise the effect of their efforts and help the learners to overcome their challenges. The Senior School girls are geared towards the Independent Exam Board examinations at the end of their studies in Grade 12. The school has achieved 100% pass rate for over forty consecutive years. With the highest academic standards and a rich variety of extra-mural sporting and cultural activities on offer, St Dominic’s strives to create well-rounded young women, ready for the challenges of the world. These outcomes are achievable in premium-class facilities, including a fully-stocked media centre with a range of multi-media offerings including a notable book collection, internet facilities and reprographic equipment. The girls are encouraged to maximise use of these facilities both in the classroom and in their free time. In addition to this, the school also offers two computer centres, a music department and a well-stocked art room conducive to the highest level of creativity, as well as interactive science labs. The school also offers a wide variety of cultural and sporting activities including tennis, netball, squash, hockey, water polo, swimming and drum majorettes. In keeping with the school’s Christian ethos, St Dominic’s has a number of community projects supported through its YDO Group and the debutante programme. Through these programmes, the girls assist those less fortunate than themselves. The school invites you to contact them on (011) 917-5150 or by email to set up an appointment to experience firsthand what the school has to offer.


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