Summerhill Nursery School, Preparatory School and College

Summerhill Nursery School, Preparatory School and College

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Claire Fraser

Surrounded by residential gated properties and local businesses, Summerhill is situated on a 12 hectare property in the Erand area, which still maintains a charming rural atmosphere in a fast-developing area.

With its motto, “Ability Released”, the school caters for children from Nursery school to students at College Level and has provided forward-thinking and meaningful education for twenty years. The ethos of the school is to provide its students with a “limitless horizon and the means to open the door to any field of achievement”.

Summerhill College, which was established as a Cambridge International Examination Centre in 2009, provides an international standard, which can open doors to further education in other countries. Summerhill College students write the University of Cambridge International Examinations and this programme is currently being engineered into all levels within the school. Summerhill College has been a pioneer school for this system in the Midrand and its students receive a globally-recognised qualification. The beautiful Cape Dutch-inspired architecture of the College campus provides a tranquil environment in which to learn.

Effective study methods (‘Learning How to Learn’), a common-sense set of ethical guidelines (“The Way to happiness”) “Youth for Human Rights” and “ A Drug Free world” are programmes in the school that create responsibility, awareness, harmony and growth.

The focus of the small classes at the school is to teach students to think for themselves. This ability is an asset that will stand them in good stead for every level of study and in the daily success of their careers. Each is given the mechanisms by which to identify and reach their potential through a team of teachers who nurture their strengths.

One of the elements covered by the far-reaching ethos at Summerhill is the development of people who can express their creative and artistic potential. As such, the school’s art departments provide instruction and guidance resulting in work of the highest standard. The Prep school puts on an annual drama dramatic production, and some Summerhill pupils have been cast in commercial productions. In addition to this, the school is intent on making all students able to fulfil the demands of the technological age. In keeping with this vision, high-level instruction is provided from an early level to give them this advantage.

Holistically, Summerhill also strives to develop people who can judge for themselves. It is the pride of the school that students are given an ethical grounding, with integrity and values that lead to the right choices. Students are also involved in social responsibility and fundraising initiatives during the course of their schooling. An extension of this is the aim to develop people who can value and conserve the natural environment and its creatures.

Sport and the lessons learned on the sports field are held in high regard. It is part of the school’s ethos to develop people who can meet the sporting challenge, and students at all levels are encouraged to participate on a social and competitive basis. A number of students have gone on to excel in their respective sporting endeavours. New sporting facilities are continuously being added and teams are being developed to become ever-more competitive in the various sporting leagues.


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