Summit College – A Unique Academic and Social Experience

Summit College – A Unique Academic and Social Experience

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Claire Fraser

Summit College, located to the north of Bryanston between Kyalami and Dainfern, offers an all-encompassing education to give learners the grounding they need for success.

Summit College provides education for Grade 0 to 12 in an environment that focuses on the uniqueness and specific abilities of each learner. At the school, children are given the mechanisms to achieve their goals in the realisation of their potential, while they are instilled with values that will make them commendable members of society. Across all levels, the school is intent on providing a challenging, unique teaching environment in a relaxed atmosphere where educators can concentrate on the development of the whole child. It is against this backdrop that a persisting desire to learn, a keen sense of self-worth and a culture of excellence are created in the daily school lives of all who attend Summit College.

From the reception class onwards, the staff at Summit College build the foundations necessary to excel at every subsequent level. Small classes are taught by committed teachers who adopt original approaches to guarantee learners gain the maximum advantage from each lesson. Within the school system, communication is open between learner, parent and teacher and relationships are built upon a common ground – the attainment of every learner’s best results.

The education at each level is age appropriate with a focus on life skills, an introduction to literacy, numeracy and communication, development through play and the identification and promotion of leadership abilities central to the Pre-Primary School. The Preparatory School sees the advancement of the key areas of life skills, literacy and numeracy, encouragement in terms of entrepreneurship and individual subject learning comes to the fore. Support is offered to learners who are experiencing difficulties through the school’s Support Centre. The ethos of the High School is comprehensive and classes are learner-centred. Learners undergo continuous assessment through a variety of forms, and Summit College offers an Information Technology Centre for computer-based learning and to use the internet as a valuable resource for research and class enrichment.

In terms of the physical development of its learners, sport is an important factor in the curriculum at Summit College and learners are encouraged to participate. It aids in keeping learners physically healthy, endows them with good habits and develops emotional skills that assist them on a subtle basis in their daily lives. A number of sports are offered at the school, and professional coaching is offered in a number of these disciplines.

The cultural calendar at Summit College is also an imperative part of the schooling of the learners at the school. At the Pre-Primary level, this is built into the school day through pottery, music and play therapy, while other extra-mural activities are organised by outside contributors on school grounds. At the Preparatory and High School, a number of clubs and societies are offered that develop the talents and skills of learners and enhance the lessons in the classroom. These activities include choir, music, chess, drama, debating, computers, art and writing. The cultural calendar also serves an important social and environmental responsibility role, and it is through these groups that the school makes a marked difference. This is a fundamental part of the school’s philosophy and has a far-reaching effect for the organisations the learners assist, as well as for the development of character and conscience for the learners.


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