Take the schlep out of shopping

Take the schlep out of shopping

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Anna-Marie Smith

Finding a well-anchored shopping mall on your doorstep goes a long way towards a feeling of convenience, the enjoyment of great entertainment and a secure shopping experience.

Our lucky discovery of the now-expanded Cresta Shopping Centre in Randburg, after first moving to Gauteng in the mid-1990s, has set a precedent for convenience over price. Having made that choice as a young family, life in the fast lane – which meant frequent stops at shopping malls during all hours – was more than bearable.

Fortunately, shopping around during this period also meant being persuaded by family and friends to rent before buying. A one year lease in Birnam required commuting through Johannesburg’s tree-lined avenues, between Melrose and Rosebank. This suburban lifestyle cemented the benefits of the convenient shopping we enjoyed at the nearby centres of Rosebank Mall and The Firs.

However, best of all was the convenience of suburban shopping one block away from home, where young parents with strollers frequented supermarkets and restaurants along Empire Avenue, while the odd diversion to watch international cricket at Wanderers Stadium soon became a firm favourite.

Plan to buy

This one-year period provided ample time to plan our house purchase around a convenient lifestyle in Randburg, within a 5km radius from several large shopping centres, a good school, and a convenience centre close to home. We soon learnt the values of secure parking, a good selection of supermarkets, and the magical mix of good coffee and child entertainment under one roof.

Since then, the West Rand region has seen massive investment which has resulted in considerable housing and commercial development coming to the area. Residents enjoy cutting edge retail facilities at super regional shopping malls, built for optimum convenience on their doorsteps. The newly constructed Cradlestone Mall in Mogale City, which opened its doors at the end of last year, will for generations to come benefit shoppers, employees, tenants, or service contractors, many who are residents in the area.

Poised for development

The Cradlestone Mall is located within a short distance away from the massive Clearwater Mall, situated in Strubens Valley on the West Rand of Johannesburg, at the intersection of the N14 and R28 highways and Hendrik Potgieter Road. The location of both these malls on the far end of massive infrastructure and private development indicates regional and city planning in anticipation of further growth along the highway in the future.

This well positioned shopping centre, is classed as a super regional mall which measures 76,000m² across multi levels, which offers shoppers choices of approximately 200 retail stores, and 4 500 parking bays. As a prime Gauteng location within close proximity of the World Heritage Cradle of Mankind, it provides residents and visitors with easy access from Krugersdorp, Roodepoort and Randpark Ridge, as well as from North West province and Botswana.

Depending on individual family members’ favourite retail therapy choices, a broad consumer selection is available from national anchor tenants who supply top fashion brands, restaurants, and art cinemas.

Another major attraction at the Cradlestone Mall, is the extent of modern technology which facilitates optimum internet connectivity, available free of charge for specific periods, within designated areas such as the food mall.

All of which add up to make the mall a must-visit for families in the area. Much like Cresta is for us.


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