Trinityhouse High School – An Education Beyond Expectation

Trinityhouse High School – An Education Beyond Expectation

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Located in the north-west suburbs of Johannesburg, Trinityhouse High School rests on an eleven hectare campus with some of the top facilities in the country.

Trinityhouse High School operates within a Christian ethos, and a strong core of traditions and values, together with a curriculum that covers all facets of its learners, sees that the school produces capable adults who are an asset to society. Concentration on the achievement of all students, whether individually or as part of a group, is one of the primary means of attaining excellence in all spheres and providing motivation for all pursuits within the school.

Academically, learners at Trinityhouse High School are prepared for the final Independent Exam Board matric examinations. The school prides itself on its 100 percent pass rate, with a number of learners achieving A-aggregates each year, some of whom rank within the top result bracket in the country. Learning takes place in spacious, well-equipped classrooms that are linked to the school’s computer network with access to the internet. Some classrooms also have Smart Boards and data projectors. The learning experience is further enhanced by the presence of seven laboratories, two computer rooms and a well-stocked library, meaning the learners will have no shortage of resources during the course of their studies.

Trinityhouse High School offers art as one of its major subjects. Art is viewed as fundamental in the development of certain key skills, where interest is nurtured and talent is fortified. It is through the school’s art programme that skills can be developed and honed. Ultimately, learners are given direction to the point that they decide on the statement they would like to express, and they are given the freedom to do so through various media. Within the school curriculum, and through outside assessment, the art produced is celebrated and the success of this department can be seen in every artwork produced.

Learners at Trinityhouse High School are encouraged to participate in the extra-mural activities on offer. This includes a number of sports and cultural activities that are an inherent element of the holistic education on offer at the school. Instruction for these takes place in premium facilities, and learners from the school have performed well in inter-school competitions across all disciplines.


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