Trinityhouse Prep - Setting the Pace in Holistic Education

Trinityhouse Prep - Setting the Pace in Holistic Education

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Trinityhouse Preparatory School offers a relevant curriculum and operates within a Christian ethos – to create moral, well-balanced learners on the path to their individual success.

Creating a safe and provocative environment for learning, Trinityhouse Prep School equips learners with skills and values to lead prosperous and fulfilling lives. The school’s committed teachers identify and nurture the potential of every learner, and provide them with the instruction and guidance they require to achieve in terms of their high standards. Learners are instilled with a love of learning and minds that yearn for knowledge. The holistic approach to learning at the school means that body, mind and spirit are covered by the different areas in their school days, and they are given the skills they need for broad-based success in their futures.

The Christian facet of the curriculum is essential to the working of the school, and impresses upon learners morals and values that aid in the creation of special characters that have meaningful relationships and coping mechanisms at school, at home and in society. An extension of this is the active social responsibility initiatives at all levels. Every grade contributes to a charity project, and this is given specific attention in their Grade 7 year.

Academics at Trinityhouse Prep School are divided into curricula that focus on the age and skill of each group. At every level, learners are taught the basics and given a thorough understanding, providing them with grounding for the next phase of learning. Upon assessment, Trinityhouse Prep learners have emerged amongst the top schools in terms of academic performance.

The Arts are viewed as an augmentation of learners’ class time and are offered as part of the curriculum and as part of the extra-mural calendar. Learner involvement in these activities denotes a number of opportunities for skills development that aids in the comprehensive education of the whole child; developing confidence, nurturing talent and encouraging expression to name a few. Visual art, music, drama and public speaking are offered at all levels, and learners are given numerous chances to perform during the course of the year. The extra-curricular music centre is particularly active at Trinityhouse Prep, with more than two hundred learners receiving individual music instruction in a variety of instruments.

Sport is another important element of the learning process at Trinityhouse Prep School, both extramurally and as Physical Education during class time. Coaches are well-trained and oversee full teams in a number of sporting activities. This takes place in well-maintained, modern facilities. The sports codes at the school are some of the strongest of any school in Gauteng, and Trinityhouse Prep are proudly Gauteng School Champions in a number of disciplines. The school aids in finding opportunities for its learners to compete nationally and provincially wherever possible, and many learners are members of district teams.

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