Ways to upcycle your spring cleaning

Ways to upcycle your spring cleaning

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As you go about your Spring cleaning, it’s always nice to consider those you can help. Rather than dumping all your unwanted good, Adrian Goslett, Regional Director and CEO of RE/MAX of Southern Africa encourages South Africans to donate and upcycle their unwanted household items that others may need.

“After spending so much time at home this year, you might have cluttered your home with bits and bobs from now hobbies and probably have wardrobes full of unworn clothing. With the arrival of Spring, now is the perfect time to find responsible, sustainable ways to dispose of unwanted goods,” suggests Goslett.

Below are a few sustainable and helpful ways to support your community as you declutter closets and drawers this Spring.

1) Donate instead of dump

As you sift through closets and tackle the outdoor shed, keep in mind that you can donate most things: unwanted clothing, shoes, furniture, household appliances, children’s toys, sports equipment and much more. Most local libraries and bookshops will accept new and used books. Alternatively, hospitals and retirement homes could also use some new reading material. Some donation centers and organizations even offer at-home pick-up service to safely upcycle goods during the COVID-19 pandemic.

2) Think of the animal shelters

Most linen items have a lifespan and can only be washed so many times before it is time to replace them. Instead of tossing them at the local dump, consider if they are in good enough condition to donate to a local animal shelter. Your local animal shelter can always use old sheets and towels as bedding for the pets they house. From messy accidents to chewing through the bedding, shelters and rescues go through a lot of blankets. Your extra bedding can keep dogs and cats warm and comfortable.

3) Upcycle with DIY crafts

Before getting rid of old clothing or other knick-knacks, consider if there is a way of repurposes the items. Old clothing can work as dust clothes or could be turned into something entirely new with a bit of creativity and some sewing skills. A fresh coat of paint on an outdated piece of furniture can do wonders. To create more of a statement piece, paint a design or geometric pattern onto the furniture. The possibilities for repurposing items are endless. Before tossing an item, do some research on DIY up-cycling to get some ideas on how to repurpose it.

4) De-personalise before selling

“Spring cleaning is a vital step for those who are selling soon. De-personalising the space is something all sellers ought to do before putting their property on the market. Not only will this make it easier for the buyer to picture themselves in the space but decluttering as much as possible will make the home feel spacious and more appealing to buyers. As a bonus, decluttering will help homeowners prepare for the coming move and their donations could possibly help those in need too,” he concludes.


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