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Decorating on a shoestring? Trick your décor brilliant with budget-friendly hacks

While creating a new look is always tempting, budgetary constraints usually mean that we can never do everything we want. The good news is we’re not alone, some of the world’s trendiest designers have used these hacks to create new décor looks for next to nothing.

On a roll

Give your furniture serious zoom by adding casters to old and new purchases alike. Pop wheels on a crate, ottoman or stool and turn them quickly into under-counter storage or seating. Use casters on cupboards and drawer sets in bathrooms, kitchens and bedrooms and they can easily be moved for cleaning, convenience and when you want to rearrange an area. They can also easily be taken with you when you move, making the initial outlay more worthwhile.

Plump it up

Couches or cushions looking a little sad and saggy? Plumping them up with new inners can create a fuller and fresher look and often saves on replacing the whole piece.

New shades

Give a tired lamp new life with a spectacular new shade – use it to introduce a new colour way or look to a room, and it’s a quick way to make a striking difference.

Leg it

Give an old sofa a second innings with a new set of legs. Suddenly an old and dated look can become stylish and on trend.

Cupboard love

New kitchen cupboards can make a huge difference in an area that works hard and usually gets loads of attention, but the cost can bring a tear to the eye. Trick it with a coat of paint and new handles for a fresh new look at a fraction of the price.

Head on

Change the look of a bedroom completely by changing the headboard. Easier still drape, or fix, a piece of fabric over an existing headboard for a whole new feel. Try a throw, a blanket, tapestry, a scarf or a piece of fabric from a foreign journey.

Go big

We often tend to be conservative when buying new furniture pieces and err on the small side. When it comes to rugs measure the seating area and then buy a bigger size, it makes the whole room look bigger. Similarly think big when buying couches and occasional chairs – too small can look bitty and cheap.

Box it

Decoders and cords can turn a stylish entertainment setting into a dusty mess. Use display boxes, hollowed-out books or empty photo albums to store these items out of sight. Choose containers that are soft enough to have small holes neatly made at the back for the cords to be threaded through, or at the front so the remote can still connect with the decoder.

Now you see it

Looking for a pop of colour in an unexpected place. Paint the edge of a door a vibrant colour - you only see it when the door is open.

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