What to consider before buying a sectional title unit.

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Sectional title living has pros and cons, as with anything in life. Here's what to consider before purchasing a sectional title home.

Lephoi Mokgatle: As more people aim towards a more balanced lifestyle, sectional title living becomes more appealing. In essence, what sectional title allows buyers to do is to enjoy shared use of some of the living spaces within that estate or complex. So things such as use of golf courses, or the spa, or gym in that particular complex or estate makes it far more appealing for customers, and also that tranquility and balance of lifestyle.

Lephoi Mokgatle: Some of the things that one needs to consider when purchasing any sectional title or estate living is that you are restricted in as far as how much leeway you have when trying to improve or make changes to the structure of the home.

Lephoi Mokgatle: Also bear in mind that in sectional title living, you would also need to pay some sort of levy. So that can become quite costly, particularly if you haven't catered for those monthly running costs.

Lephoi Mokgatle: For those clients who prefer not to be governed by body corporate rules, freehold or standalone homes is the option for you.

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