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Lifestyle estates, big demand for Cape Town northern suburbs from Joburg buyers
The secure lifestyle estates in Cape Town’s northern suburbs are a big drawcard for buyers migrating from other areas.
Planning for homeownership success
How to make sure you’re financially ready to buy a home in 2017.
Are you financially prepared to own a home?
Thinking of buying a home? Before approaching your bank for finance, consider these questions to determine if you’re financially prepared for homeownership.
New Year’s resolutions for home buyers
A New Year’s resolution to purchase property will improve your life but will require financial commitment and discipline.
Joburg rental market shows major slowdown
Johannesburg's rental market has seen a significant shift in demand as the economic downturn makes it increasingly challenging for cash-strapped South Africans.
An opportunity for momentum?
South Africa escaped a downgrade last week from the 3 major ratings agencies. Harcourts CEO, Richard Gray discusses the impact of this.
Tips for applying for a bond
The stats show that most people who are buying a home need finance for it. Here are a few essential tips for buyers who are applying for a home loan.
Don't lose your spouse trying to find your dream house
How do you find the perfect home if you and your partner both envision different things? As with most things in a relationship, compromise is key.
How much property prices have increased in the last 10 years
Those who choose to take a 'time out' from buying property may well regret the decision down the line.
Can you afford to buy a home?
When looking for a home, you can easily find out how much you can afford by using the Nedbank Instant Bond Indicator, from the comfort of your own home.