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Things are looking up for first time home buyers
Slow price growth and a recent decrease in the interest rate have seen more first-time buyers enter the market.
The average first-time buyer will need 2 years to save for a deposit
According to BetterBond, home loan applications from first-time buyers continue to increase but their success is dependent on how financially disciplined they are.
Smart ways to spend your bonus
Thirteen is an unlucky number for some - but not for those who get a year-end “thirteenth cheque”, and certainly not for those who can resist the impulse to spend this bonus all at once.
Don’t wait for “the one” before you buy a home
If you’re young and working, you don’t have to wait until you’re in a permanent relationship before you buy your first home.
Strategies for a bumper summer sales season
Summer is the season when the interest of property buyers is usually at its highest, but that interest doesn’t necessarily translate into sales.
Be a low-risk borrower and better your home loan prospects
Buying a home? Here's why it's in your best interests for lenders to consider you a low risk borrower.
Don’t consolidate debt without a plan
Consolidating your debt into your home loan account requires discipline and a plan. Here's how to do it.
Buy with confidence
Buying your first property is a process that can be fraught with confusion. This simple list will set you on the path to home ownership.
Why you may not want to close your home loan account
Think twice before you close your home loan account once the loan is paid off.
Bond originators play a vital role under tougher economic conditions
April's property statistics from ooba indicate a slowing down in property purchases.