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Why body corporates now need two body corporate funds
Understanding why body corporates require a reserve fund and an administrative fund as per the new STSMA regulations.
Junk status vs the housing market: The experts weigh in
Wondering where the credit downgrade will leave the property market? We asked the heads of some of SA’s biggest agencies for their opinions.
#JunkStatus - what it means for the property market
The downgrade of South Africa to sub-investment will have a negative impact on the housing market and consumers as a whole.
Budget 2017: New exemption threshold a welcome relief for property buyers
Finance minister Pravin Gordhan today revealed in the highly anticipated National Budget Speech 2017 that properties under R900 000 will not attract transfer duty tax.
Budget 2017: how it will affect the property market
What does this year’s budget speech mean for those who own property or are buying property this year? The heads of some of SA’s biggest estate agencies have their say.
Budgeting tips for sectional title schemes
Trustees of sectional title schemes should consider these useful tips when structuring the scheme’s annual budget for the year ahead.
Multiple price hikes are bad news for South Africans
Electricity, DSTV, E-tolls -consumers are being subjected to rising costs across the board. What are the implications for the economy?
Budget 2016 measured, supportive of growth and home ownership
A measured budget has delivered positive sentiment so necessary for our economy and one that should reaffirm the underlying strength of our property market.
National Budget helps restore confidence in South Africa
This year's budget was clearly focused on restoring confidence in South Africa's economy both locally and abroad.
The effects of rising interest rates
In January, the MPC raised the repo rate by a higher than expected 50 basis points. This came as something of a shock and heralds yet another round of belt tightening for most South Africans