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Check the plans before you buy
Find out why it's of utmost importance to check the plans of a property before you buy it.
New year, new you, new home
Focus your new year on the investment that never disappoints.
Why sell or buy a home with a warranty?
The advantages to having a warranty on one of the largest purchases you will ever make.
Clearance certificates when selling property
Find out which types of clearance certificates you will need to obtain, before selling a property.
Sellers: does your home comply with building regulations?
Not ensuring your home complies with building regulations could cause issues when you put it up for sale. A recent judgement handed down by the Western Cape’s High Court has highlighted the importance of making sure that the ...
Points to ponder when selling your home
A few tips to consider before you embark on selling your home privately or through and estate agent.
Certificates of Compliance
Selling your house? You’re going to need a number of certificates of compliance before you do - and it’s just as well to get them done before you even put your property on the market.  ..
How to move sooner
It’s the start of a new year and in line with new beginnings, many will want to move house. Although an exciting time, it’s important to keep in mind that property transfers don’t happen overnight and, when issues crop up, the ...
Selling up? Use your “down time” to prep
Many of us will be decking the halls with boughs of holly during the festive month of December. However, those who are planning on selling their homes in the new year could do well to use the holiday period to start getting ...
Comply or demolish
When building or moving into a new home, occupational certificates are as necessary as clearance certificates. WHAT certificates, you ask? Most simply, city councils issue occupancy certificates to certify that buildings have ...