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No, you don’t need to pay that delayed utility bill
An important victory occurred in court, for property owners who have been issued extremely high utility bills after a number of years.
Are suburban boom gates a good idea?
Brooklyn residents scored a victory recently when the court gave them permission to implement road closures. So, what are the pros and cons of booming off an area?
A victory for property owners
Terrific news for the property market. A recent court judgment has indicated that owners will no longer be liable for historical municipal debt on their property.
Land Rights Act declared invalid by Constitutional Court
New land claims have been put on ice for now after the Constitutional Court declared the Restitution of Land Rights Amendment Act of 2014 invalid.
Evictions: balancing landlord and tenant rights
Many tenants believe that they cannot be forced to vacate a property if they cannot find alternative accommodation, but this is not always the case.
The war of the floor tiles
A recent court case has highlighted the fact that while a body corporate has a right to enforce rules, it needs to do so amicably.
Historic debt on a property– who is liable?
A recent Supreme Court of Appeal Judgement has got South African homeowners running scared.
Parents who fake addresses could face jail time
Parents who lie about their address to get their children into good schools could be arrested.
Finding the right solution for poor flat owners
Thousands of poor people who were sold discounted council flats could lose them because they cannot afford the levy payments.
Court favours the landlord in electricity payment dispute
From a legislative perspective South African law favours the tenant, but a recent ruling has highlighted the need for landlord's rights to be considered.