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Tips for decorating a spare room
Transform your spare room from a dumping ground for old stuff to a stunning space for your guests with these decorating ideas.
How you can create the perfect dining room
Get tips on how you can create a great space to feed your family and friends. It's easier than you think!
How to create the perfect kid's room
The perfect children's room involves much more than just finding the correct duvet cover and curtains. Here are some tips to for decorating kids bedrooms.
Upcycled DIY projects for around the house
Learn how you can create your own upcycled masterpieces by reusing unwanted items around your home.
How to create your ideal living room
Regardless of whether you refer to it as a sitting room, a lounge or a living room, the area where the family generally spends the most time needs to be comfortable as well as functional.
Refresh your tired outdoor space
Learn how you can transform your tired outdoor space into a wannabe place.
Victorian bathrooms – and how to create one
Always dreamed of having a Victorian bathroom? This useful guide will help get you started.
Putting together a good basic toolbox
You need a well-stocked toolbox to complete DIY projects around the house. Here’s a list of essentials that you should have.
5 Awesome enclosed balcony ideas
How to turn that enclosed balcony into a stunning extension of your living area.
Home DIY projects for spring
Spring is the perfect time to get stuck into those DIY projects you put on hold during winter. Here are a few DIY projects you can try at home.